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🎯 Redesign with the aim of improving user friendliness and increasing conversion rates.

Step #1 - Discovery & Testing

We initiated the project by defining three key performance indicators (KPIs) that the redesign aims to influence: Contacts page Completion Rate, average Time Spent on Task, Number of Clicks per Task.

Prior to the redesign, we conducted user testing to establish baseline values for these KPIs.

Our user testing involved a diverse group of users performing common tasks within the platform. In general we proposed the following design process:

Step #2 - UX Audit

To gain deeper insights into the existing user experience and to pinpoint areas for improvement, we conducted a thorough UX Audit. This audit helped us identify gaps and areas in the interface that required attention. Based on these findings, we developed wireframes that outlined the proposed direction for the redesign. These wireframes served as the foundation for our subsequent design efforts.

Step #4 - Wireframes and UI

Building on the wireframes, we engaged in a collaborative process with the client. We presented a mood board with proposed color schemes, patterns, typography and design elements. This step allowed the client to visualize the aesthetics we were aiming to introduce to the product. Once concept were approved, we delved into the main UI design phase. Here, we meticulously crafted the interface, bringing the vision to life. A prototype was created to offer an interactive glimpse of the redesigned product. This prototype served as a crucial milestone in the project, allowing us to conduct user testing once again.

Step #5 - User testing

In this final phase, our user testing aimed to measure the impact of our redesign efforts. We gathered new data and metrics to assess the improvements made. These insights provided us with tangible evidence of the project's success and served as a testament to the positive transformation of the user experience.

⛳️ The result

After the completion of the redesign, we conducted a follow-up round of user testing to gauge its impact on the KPIs. This testing showed significant improvements.

Throughout this project, our team remaned steadfast in delivering a user-centric redesign that aligned seamlessly with our client's objectives. Our approach was methodical, data-driven, and deeply collaborative with the client, ensuring each step contributed to improving user satisfaction and engagement.

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