Pharmacy E-commerce

Redesigned bridge page, improved conversions by 7%, $252K annual ROI

🎯 The goal

Redesign and improve a bridge page to boost completion rates and overall conversions. Our client had specific objectives, and we followed a structured design process to achieve them. During the discovery phase, we used data analysis, examining reports provided by the client. This allowed us to identify areas needing improvement and set initial performance benchmarks to surpass.

🖥 Design process

To enhance the user experience and address interface issues, we conducted a thorough UX audit. This laid the foundation for creating wireframes that met legal requirements and outlined our design direction. In the creative phase, we brought our vision to life and delivered the user interface (UI) design, integrating all planned improvements.

🔥 The result

Our diligence paid off with a notable 7% increase in overall conversion rates. The return on investment (ROI) for the client amounts to $252,000 annually, demonstrating the effectiveness of our design work.

👥 About us

At Uxrs, we are a team of UX-certified professionals passionate about creating user-friendly and results-driven designs. Our expertise saves time, cuts costs, and drives revenue growth for our clients. We focus on what's essential for your business, consistently delivering with a proactive approach and efficient design frameworks.

Our main goal is not just to design experiences but to create value for our clients. We take pride in helping businesses thrive financially, ensuring every user experience counts. We're more than just a design team; we're your partners on your digital journey. Experience UX with us and shape the future of your business.

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