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Team Booster

In just a matter of days, our specialists become an extension of your team, bringing our advanced design, planning and execution skills to the table

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UX/UI Design

Comprehensive service tailored to your team's specific budget and your project needs, from concept to final implementation

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Ensures a smooth transition, maintaining the essence of your brand while injecting fresh, innovative branding and design elements

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UX Audit

Will give your team clear tasks on how to make the app more user-friendly. Our approach aligns with usability heuristics and best practices

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UX & Customer success

By integrating design psychology, accessibility principles, and up-to-date UX/UI standards, I ensure that the products we work on meet the needs of diverse users.



UX-obsessed designer

I'm truly passionate about the tiniest of details and creating unforgettable user experiences. I'm constantly on a journey to refine my skills and work tirelessly towards my goals. Being a part of Uxrs team is a joy, and I'm always eager to collaborate and ensure that every project shines with outstanding design and user-friendliness.



UX/UI Designer

With a strong foundation in design, I am dedicated to crafting captivating solutions that prioritise user needs while achieving business objectives. Through my expertise, I ensure that the user experience is not only intuitive but also delightful.

Our values



We care about everyone equally - clients, team, and users. Our commitment goes the extra mile to ensure satisfaction with design, solutions, and work conditions.



We work with you, not for you. Stay in the loop with shared project boards, Loom feedbacks, calls and daily updates. Let's create something amazing together.



We use agile approach in product design to optimise time, budget and team, to deliver high-quality results. Contact us today to embark on a successful product design journey.

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Clients say

Esme Guevara

Strategist, CMO
Product & Brand Builder

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Albert. He’s an incredibly talented product manager that a lot of experience working with remote international teams. He can sort through technical issues, facilitate buy-in and has an unbeatable attitude to get things done! I worked closely with Albert on the QTalent talent discovery platform project, and can vouch that he’s an asset to any team he joins.


Co-founder TwinsD

We have worked with Uxrs team on UX/UI design for our programmatic automation platform. Albert together with a team, managed to organise user flow, app flow and delivered clickable prototype for testing before building the UI part. He showed himself as reliable and well organised specialist. I highly recommend him for any team!


Alexandru Holetec

Software Architect

They are a great asset to any team. Driven, hardworking but approachable and always look for pragmatic solutions. They love the products they work with so expect to get engaged in passionate discussions about how to make things better! Had a pleasure working with them.